The best part about finding a story is when it leads to another


Next time your in a small town wandering up mainstreet, don't forget to check out the side streets. You never know what you will find.

In the winter when most people are hibernating, you'll find a few hardy souls out on frozen lakes staring down an icy hole hoping for the big one.

Mel & Opal Gould have been married for nearly sixty years. They are peas in a pod. A very unique pod, to say the least. Opal often thinks of herself as the "acetylene torch widow" 


What we do


Our unique mixture of vast experience as journalists along with execution of advertising and promotional efforts for dozens of valued partners makes McCrimmon Productions a special video concoction that will meet your specific needs - at an affordable cost - like few others in our business are able to offer.  We’ve produced feature content for nearly 30 years staying in step with changing technology and distribution channels all along the way.

Seldom working from a script or storyboard allows for a freshness to each moment so that when the time arrives to mold an effective story it is based on material gathered not on preconceived notions. Some work from a script and try to match those words to pictures obtained but we find having interviews in hand first the best way to tell a good story instead of a fabricated, or imagined, one. Real truth. Real people. Really works.